WordPress is the most used web development and content management environment on the Internet. The reasons are several and go far beyond the fashions that drag us.

When we indicate that we will use WordPress in the development of a website, a series of questions are always produced. Let’s see the most common:


«In WordPress? That’s what I do.»

WordPress is a tool, and as any tool you need your expertise to be able to take advantage with safety and efficiency. Imagine a hammer, which when used correctly helps us to create a beautiful chair, but can burst a finger if we use it badly.

It’s not just choosing the right environment, the tools you need, etc. You also have to use them with sufficient expertise so that these tools work as they should, that they do not overload your system making it slow … and that they are safe.

As for the layout of the site, it is always better to have a specialist to know how users interact on your site and how that communication interface (the web) is designed. This is called UX / UI and together with a good graphic design work will be what makes our site something surprising, attractive and comfortable to use.

Finally, these ideas must be reflected in the website so that it works efficiently, so the layout and development work becomes essential.

In short, when a website is developed by professionals it shows a lot.


«WordPress, I see myself with security problems»

Nothing is further from reality. As WordPress is the most installed system, it is also the most attacked, but it is still one of the safest.

WordPress can be as safe as you know how to do it. Actually, we return to the previous case, if you trust the development of your website to real professionals your site will have sufficient security and, following a few simple steps, will continue throughout the life of the web.


«If my website grows, WordPress will fall short»

Do you know what the following sites have in common?