Everything that has to do with the design is evolving . Sometimes it is due to technical changes that allow new functions to be carried out. Other times only to the taste of the users. We like to see different, new, amazing things.

The balance between what works for the public and the trends that appear is not easy. In our garage of ideas we are in constant training, trying new methods and new technologies to achieve that balance, without falling into the exaggerated snobbery that can make the web project difficult to understand.

Today there are several points that are marking the trends in the current web design. Trends that must be applied in their proper measure and that make the difference between your website and those of others.

Among other trends we can find the following:


Less is more. It is a trend that we love. Simple designs but that can transmit what the client needs. At the design level, it needs a more refined work, but webs are more efficient, faster and easier to use.

If you pass you will have a website that seems «half done», so you have to apply minimalism with mastery,

Typographies «by hand»

More and more sources are used that have a marked personal character. Sources that identify the idea. Some more modern, others more classic, everything depends on what you want to transmit.

In principle it gives that personalized but careful image, do not forget that the essential thing is that visitors can read the content correctly.

Design in Modules

Each element is a module. This makes it easy to navigate, easy to adapt to mobile phones and creates clean designs. These modules are linked as Lego pieces to assemble an elegant and functional website.

The problem is that we can fall into not very innovative designs that tell us nothing special. You have to be up to date.


You just bought a predesigned template and limited to changing logos, and content. What today is done by professionals is to work on multiproposite systems and adapt them to the work you want to do.

This allows using a series of good tools for all jobs. Some tools that you know and know that will advance in time keeping up to date and safe. Then it is about applying a graphic design totally customized and adapted to the needs of the client on these tools.

Full-width images instead of slider

The slider, so used until today, are in the doldrums. They make sites take longer to load and mess up the code on the page. The trend is full-width static images. the calls «Hero».

This again complicates the graphic design work but we achieve very clean, fast and efficient websites.


Animating certain elements, such as buttons, rows or modules, gives a modern and innovative look, but it must be done with care. Too much animation makes you lose elegance and balance

Gradients of color

Another trend is to work with degraded colors. They give a modern image and allow you to use corporate colors with ease. But do not abuse or your page can get dizzy. Also you have to be very careful with the combinations and some of what we will talk about in a future post, the possible color blindness of some of the visitors to your website.

In Lefty Garage we like our customers to be up to date. Not only at the design level, also at the technical level. For this we are always researching and learning so that we can offer the best service so that your website is unique and meets your expectations.

Do we talk about what you need? We will advise you on the best option.