Surely you remember how in school they talked to us about communication. They explained to us who were the receiver and the sender in a conversation.

Surely you have done a course, have read or have learned through your experience, the importance of communicating properly with your clientele to avoid misunderstandings and get your loyalty .

What we sometimes forget is that, just as we take care of our customers and our communication with them, we also have to take care of communication with the people who work at our side , giving it the same importance as to the previous one.

If communication fails within our company, one of its basic pillars is lacking: empathy («put me in your shoes»), active listening, positive language, getting information flow , are essential to improve relationships at work and get us to our tasks with more security and better mood .

All this is especially important when disagreements arise, our messages must comply with a series of «rules» that allow them to be solved without stagnation or enlargement:

What we say must be applicable , something that both parties can recognize and perform, what good is it that you tell me that I speak weird? I’m sure I feel bad and I also would not know what to change to solve it.

It has to be neutral , without judging the other person, it’s not about looking for guilty parties, but solutions It’s hard for me to understand your accent (but it’s hard for me, it’s not your responsibility)

Be objective We talk about what has happened and how it made me feel, without entering into the search for hidden intentions in others. I find it hard to understand your way of speaking and that prevents me from doing my job.

I express my feelings directly : A clear and positive language that allows the other person to understand perfectly what I mean. I can not understand your words because of the way you vocalize.

In the expression of what, in my opinion, causes the problem, we must specify the possible solution. I can not change a person, I can ask him to change one aspect of his behavior. Can you speak more slowly so that you can speak more and I can understand you?

Of course, what I say must be something that can be proven, I try to change something that both parties have seen happens.


If our communication meets these standards, we will see how it becomes much more fluid and effective, improving both the work itself and the relationships with the people around us. /strong>

This is how we work in our Garage of Ideas