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LEFTY GARAGE – Online Custom Developers.

Lefty Garage joins two words of great significance to us and that represents our work philosophy.

Lefty means left-handed in English. Being left-handed means being adaptable, being creative in daily tasks. A lefty is a born wrestler. Yes, left-handed people are people with the ability to generate innovative ideas and conclusions by exploring multiple solutions to a problem.

Garage, garage. It is the place where great business ideas have started. Companies as representative as Microsoft, Apple, Google. Amazon, Disney, Nike, Hewlett Packard and. of course, Harley-Davidson started in garages.

We are also passionate about custom, the personalization of motorcycles … and our jobs. We do not believe that serial production is a good idea for everyone; We need to implement in the work we do our ideas, concepts, ways of working. Everything in a personalized and human way. Nothing like a garage to create custom customizations.

Fidel Portillo, alma mater of Lefty Garage. Web developer since 1995, although previously he already worked with Gopher and BBS environments and Packet Radio systems. An Internet enthusiast who has worked together with the best to make Lefty Garage his personal project.

Developer, designer, expert in Digital Marketing and certified by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and CISCO among others. Always in constant training and looking for the best talent to be part of the Lefty Garage team.

A lover of custom bikes, martial arts, Rock and life. A lefty who loves his work, teamwork and makes Lefty Garage his home.